Career Advising & Exploration

Are you asking yourself questions such as:

  • Somehow I've veered off the career path I'd planned. How do I get back on track?
  • I thought I'd love doing research. I've found I'm more of a people-person. How can I combine my experience and need for more interaction into a new career?
  • I've worked for the same company for 5 years and have gone as far as I can go. I need to update my resume and examine the job market. Where do I begin?
  • I moved from Pittsburgh to climb the career ladder but now I'd like to move back home again. How can you help me?

If you identified with any of the above questions, then the Center for Career Development can help you! You should meet with your Career Consultant to discuss your interests and future plans. In addition, the Strong Interest Inventory® career assessment tool is available to help you identify career path options most appropriate for you.

Additionally, we have an extensive online Resource Library within Handshake. We also suggest using other online resources

As always, if you have any questions or need additional help, please contact our office at 412.396.6644.