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Accepting the Offer

If you are offered the position, thank the employer for the opportunity.
Ask for additional details you may need in order to make a decision and ask the employer when they would like an answer. Be sure you provide an answer by that time and if you cannot, ask for more time. Employers are understanding of the search process and are often willing to wait for a definite yes or no rather than have you accept and change your mind.

Before accepting the position, make sure it is right for you.
Consider the responsibilities, salary, and benefits. If you choose to accept it, it is appropriate to negotiate terms after receiving the offer. If you choose not to accept the position, be cordial and thank the employer for the opportunity.

Accept a job offer in good faith.
If you accept a position, end your search. It is extremely unprofessional to accept an offer, continue searching and then rescind your acceptance. You are representing yourself as well as Duquesne University, so act accordingly.

If you accept an offer, inform employers who are actively considering you for a job that you are no longer seeking employment.