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How to Protect Yourself and Others from Scams

Though anyone can fall victim to a job or money scam, there are precautionary steps to help guard yourself against this. Being a cautious and savvy internet user can help to mitigate the risk of being taken in by a scammer:

Think before you upload

  • Though it may seem easy and quick to upload your resume to online job boards, be careful if you choose to do so. These options, while allowing many potential employers to access your information, also open you up to a glut of dangerous scammers.
  • Check the privacy policy before you upload. Be aware of who will have access to your information, and for how long. Also, make sure you can delete a resume from a site once you have finished your job search. Then, if you choose to upload, keep a list of places where your resume has been uploaded so you are able to effectively remove yourself from those sites when need be.

Think before you post

  • Employers are increasingly using social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) to gain access to potential employee info. Be sure to portray a positive and accurate picture of yourself online! Do not post overly personal or polarizing information.
  • Be aware of what is out there about you. Google yourself, and see what others see when they search for you.

Protect the privacy of others

  • No one wants to be portrayed poorly online. If you would find something too embarrassing to post about yourself, then don't post something of that nature about a friend either. Guard your friends' reputations, and ask them to guard yours in turn.
  • The same goes for contact information. Always ask before sharing someone else's contact information. The safest bet is to give your friend a recruiter's information rather than the other way around. Remember that your idea of an amazing opportunity may not align with your friend's idea of this!
  • References require the same courtesy. Do not post reference information with a resume you are posting online. It should always be kept in a separate document which is handed out to potential employers later in the process.

If you suspect a position you encounter through DuqCareerLink or another source is fraudulent, please contact us immediately at 412-396-6644 or careerservices@duq.edu.

Duquesne University would like to thank the University of Puget Sound for allowing us to use their information on this page.