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Create Your Portfolio - Gather Work Samples

Start saving important papers and projects now! By starting your portfolio early in college, preferably freshman year, you keep a complete record of your accomplishments. It’s never too late to begin.

Purchase these supplies to create a traditional, hard-copy portfolio
  • Zippered 3-ring notebook—cloth, leather or quality vinyl cover, with 1” to 2” rings.
  • Plastic sheet protectors—clear plastic, 3-hole punched pockets that hold documents and work samples. These protect your materials and create a professional look.
  • Extra-wide 3-ring tabs with labels—these tabs are specifically made for use with page-protectors.
  • Paper—use a high quality paper
  • Photo-sheet holders—plastic sheets that can hold vertical and/or horizontal pictures
  • A plastic file tote box with hanging file folders to store and organize your work samples, original documents, photos, etc.

Step 3: Update your resume and portfolio