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How to use your Portfolio in an Interview

A hard copy portfolio is well-suited to showing work samples during the interview itself.

  • Carry the portfolio in your left arm so that you can shake hands with the interviewer. 
  • Keep it as inconspicuous as possible until you need it, setting it aside on the table or next to your chair on the floor where it is easily accessible. It is important to keep the focus on you and to build rapport.
  • During the conversation when describing a project or skill, ask the interviewer if he or she would like to see your portfolio. 
  • Make sure you are so familiar with its contents and organization that you can instantly flip to the appropriate tab without undue interruption to the flow of the interview.

Once you have gathered materials to create a traditional portfolio, consider enhancing your LinkedIn profile by uploading relevant work samples, projects, and videos that best demonstrate your skills and experiences.

Please make an appointment through Starfish if you would like your career counselor to review and provide feedback about your portfolio.