Majors & Careers

Are you wondering about choosing a major?

Are you interested in a lot of  things which makes it hard to decide on which direction to go?

Or, you've already chosen a major, but you're not sure what you can do with it?

Discover a Career that's Right for YOU!

Consider these 3 elements - skills, values, and interests - when you think about a career direction.

Skills, Values, and Interests triangle

By giving some thought to these factors, you should
have a clearer idea of your career path and your
choices. If you are confused or unclear about any
aspect of your skills, values, or interests, it's
important to take the time to think about them now.
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Video Spotlights

Alumni share their stories about the steps they've taken to explore careers and, in the process, discover what is important for them to be happy and successful.