Palumbo/Donahue School of Business

The study of Business Administration not only prepares you for managerial positions and critical analysis, but also it develops future business leaders and executives.  Business promotes innovation and creative thinking, so you can contribute your ideas and strategies to your company.

Some of the skills and habits you learn include:

  • Global and cultural perspectives
  • Total Quality Management
  • Decision-making skills
  • Organized communication and writing
  • Social interaction and networking

Rather than training for a specific career, these skills prepare you to succeed in a wide variety of potential careers.

For each of the following majors, you will be able to review:

  • Skills developed in that major
  • Potential career fields
  • Stories from alumni about their personal career experiences
  • Additional resources to help you learn more about related careers


Accounting Information Systems and Technology
Economics Management
Entrepreneurship Marketing
Finance Supply Chain Management