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The study of the classics introduces students to the Greco-Roman civilizations through disciplines as diverse as languages, literature, art, archeology and history. Students gain an appreciation for humanity’s aspirations, failures and occasional triumphs. 

Career Fields


  • Attorney in private practice, concentrating on criminal or civil law
  • International law for multi-national corporations
  • Corporate legal affairs departments
  • Government agencies: state (e.g., state Attorney general office) and federal levels

Strategies: Join Pre-Law Society at Duquesne; meet with the pre-law advisor; complete legal internships; consider a minor in political science or a business certificate; gain international experience through study abroad; expand knowledge of languages for international careers.

Writing and Technical Writing

  • Free-lance writing for historical or international travel publications
  • Technical manuals and computer applications
  • Medical writing
  • Telecommunications
  • Research and writing for government publications (Federal and state agencies)

Strategies: Write for and become involved with  Lexicon, the Duquesne Literary Magazine; build technical knowledge in at least one field, such as medical or web; minor in computer science; intern in a technical writing capacity; explore industries such as telecommunications; intern with the federal government.

Arts and Cultural Non-profits

  • Museum Administration
  • Arts Management
  • Editing and Editorial Management
  • Publicist for Arts Organizations
  • Grant-writing for non-profit organizations
  • Art History

Strategies:  Complete internships in arts organizations and art museums; attend non-profit career fairs; volunteer in libraries; get training in grant-writing; consider advanced degrees in the arts; volunteer in art museums or other non-profits; write and edit for The Duke or Lexicon.


  • Foreign language teaching
  • Information specialist
  • Writing-related government agencies (Labor, National Archives, FTC, Printing Office)
  • Intercultural agencies (e.g., Federal Trade Commission; US Tourism and Travel)
  • Public and consumer affairs

Strategies: expand knowledge of languages; complete internships in local or state government; attend annual Duquesne-sponsored federal government career fair; write for local government department publications; intern with the federal or state government; spend a semester in Washington, D.C.; study abroad.


  • Post-secondary teaching in a college, university or community college
  • Teacher in elementary, middle or high school
  • College administration

Strategies: Gain state of Pennsylvania certification to teach in public schools either concurrently with bachelor’s degree in education or through post-graduate programs; acquire certification in additional subject area(s) for increased job possibilities; be prepared to relocate to states where demographics increase the demand for teachers; plan to earn advanced degree (PhD) for college teaching and administration; tutor high school students in writing; work or volunteer in literacy programs or in the Writing Center at Duquesne; search Going Global and other web sites for overseas teaching jobs.