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Digital Media Arts

Digital Media Arts in the Department of Journalism and Multimedia, offers students two concentrations: Multimedia Development and Web Development.

Multimedia within the Digital Media Arts merges computers, creativity, some programming, advanced software and project management skills in varying amounts, depending upon the concentration. 

Students learn media theory – so they can understand the complex roles, functions and ethical obligations of media – and the practical skills that enable them to become successful new media practitioners.

Career Fields

Web Site Development

  • Web application developer
  • Front-end developer
  • Server-side developer
  • Web content developer
  • Web programmer
  • Web team developer
  • e-Commerce web developer
  • Web user Interface developer
  • Webmaster

Strategies: Gain experience in web site development through internships; develop relevant programming knowledge and skills; become proficient in project management; practice communication with technical and client-side professionals; engage teamwork skills; practice time management and organizational skills.

Web Site Design

  • Website designer
  • User Interface design
  • Interactive artist
  • Web graphic designer
  • Social media
  • Web user interface expert
  • Web content manager
  • Flash programming

Strategies: Gain a strong understanding of typography, color, usability and other design principles; create a portfolio of visually compelling web site designs; do freelance web designs to gain experience; become proficient with software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator; be able to hand-code HTML and CSS; gain experience with content management systems.

Web Business

  • Web project developer
  • Web business systems analyst
  • Project manager
  • Web marketing
  • Social media manager
  • Digital creative director

Strategies:  Consider a Business certificate; minor in advertising; intern in various digital media venues; gain experience in social media marketing; enhance teamwork skills; develop excellent communication skills; become proficient in project management.