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International Relations

International Relations focuses on the historical, political, and cultural forces that shape the interactions between states, international organizations, multi-national corporations, and other international actors.

Globalization of markets, concern for the environment, and communication technologies such as the internet and cell phones have increased people’s awareness of the interdependent and inter-related nature of modern society.

The study of International Relations fosters multicultural awareness, international perspectives and respect for others, all of which are essential to promoting peace and justice in global society in line with the Duquesne and Spiritan mission.

Career Fields

Government Agencies

  • Foreign Service
  • Department of Defense
  • Intelligence organizations (e.g., CIA, Homeland Security)
  • Customs and Immigration
  • State and local government departments

Strategies: Study abroad; double major and/or minor in languages; attend the annual fall governmental job fair on Duquesne’s or local college campus; do internships in government agencies; conduct informational interviews with alumni and other professionals in the areas of your career interest;  consider Peace Corps for after graduation; become well-versed in international affairs and cross-cultural communication; consider choice of double major related to the professional focus (e.g., Political Science, Modern History). 

International Organizations and Non-Profits

  • United Nations Agencies (e.g., UNICEF; World Health Org.; World Trade Org.)
  • Non-governmental Organizations (NGO’s) (e.g., Red Cross; Doctors Without Borders)
  • Advocacy groups (e.g., Amnesty International; anti-human trafficking; Save the Children)
  • Private foundations, charities and religious groups
  • Non-profits with international reach (e.g., YMCA, UPMC)

Strategies: Study abroad; become fluent in foreign language(s); concentrate on a geographical area; do internships in international agencies such as the UN and NGO’s; look into UN’s Junior Professional Program (JPO); research opportunities in the UN’s Galaxy staffing site; become familiar with the Foundations Directory (online); join and become active in local chapters of international groups and organizations; volunteer in local and on-campus advocacy organizations; research organizations on the internet to determine interests; gain experience interning and volunteering in non-profit organizations; attend the annual Non-profit Job Fair in Pittsburgh.

International Business and Commerce

  • Foreign firms operating the US (e.g., Bayer)
  • US corporations with operations and offices abroad (e.g., Westinghouse; UPMC)
  • Corporate communications for multi-national companies
  • Import-Export firms
  • International Trade Associations
  • Human Resources recruiting for international company
  • Intercultural communications trainer for executives going overseas
  • Travel and tourism companies and organizations (e.g., airlines; hotel chains)

Strategies: Consider obtaining a Certificate in Business while at Duquesne; complete internships in business settings, especially companies with international presence; study abroad; job shadow and conduct informational interviews with business professionals, including Duquesne alumni; become fluent in language(s).

Teaching and Training

  • School teacher in one of many international schools
  • Teaching English in foreign country
  • Train multi-national company employees in foreign language(s)
  • Teaching in literacy programs for new immigrants
  • Private tutoring

Strategies: Tutor in English foreign language communities and organizations here in Pittsburgh; tutor high school students; attend academic conferences and international speakers on campus; study and travel abroad; intern and/or volunteer with immigrant group services and churches; get a summer job teaching English overseas.

Higher Education Administration

  • Director of foreign exchange programs
  • Manage Study Abroad program in university
  • Administration of American schools and colleges with campuses abroad
  • Admissions departments of colleges seeking international students

Strategies: Study abroad; gain experience working and/or interning in higher education international program offices; volunteer to assist at international events on campus (e.g., international film programming); attend the annual Non-profit Job Fair in Pittsburgh; conduct informational interviews with professionals working in Duquesne’s Office of International Programs.