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Multiplatform Journalism

The study of journalism prepares students to be effective and conscientious civic communicators in the fields of print, broadcast and online journalism.

Michael is using his skills in broadcast journalism:

Career Fields

Print Media: Newspapers, magazines, web

  • Newspaper writing and editing
  • Popular Magazines
  • Website journalism: online newspapers, news and blogs
  • Internal print media for corporations
  • Research and writing for government publications (Federal and state agencies)
  • Editing/Publishing
  • Trade, technical and professional journals and newsletters

Strategies: Write for the Duquesne Duke; write everything you can; intern with local newspapers and magazines; study a foreign language for international careers; take part-time or summer jobs at newspaper or magazines; create portfolio of writing samples; join professional organizations.

Broadcast Media—Radio and TV
  • Radio announcer
  • TV reporter
  • Anchor
  • Telecommunications
  • Advertising/Sales

Strategies: Get involved with DUQ-TV; intern at radio and TV stations; obtain sales experience; network with professionals in media; attend local chapter of Association for Women in Communications (Pittsburgh); hone public speaking skills.

  • Technical manuals and computer applications
  • Science and medical writing
  • Telecommunications
  • Research and writing for government publications (Federal and state agencies)
  • Creative writing: books, plays, scripts, greeting cards

Strategies: Build technical knowledge in at least one field, such as medical or engineering; minor in computer science; intern in a technical writing capacity; explore industries such as telecommunications; intern with the federal or state government agencies; write for and become involved with Lexicon, the Duquesne Literary Magazine.

Book Publishing
  • Book editing: trade, children’s, textbooks, academic
  • Sales
  • Promotion
  • Publicity
  • Production

Strategies: write for the Duquesne Duke; write and edit everything you can; intern with book publishers; hone grammar and editing skills; tutor in the Duquesne Writing Center; be aware that most publishing companies are in New York City.

Business and Government
  • Corporate Communications
  • Writing-related government agencies (Labor, National Archives, FTC, Printing Office)
  • Government affairs specialists for corporations
  • Public and consumer affairs
  • Political speech writing

Strategies: Consider obtaining a certificate in Business while at Duquesne; complete internships in the private sector; write for local government departments and agencies; volunteer in political campaigns in publicity area

Advertising/Public Relations
  • Advertising agencies
  • Public relations firms
  • Advertising departments of newspapers and magazines
  • Web site advertising

Strategies: Intern in several ad and pr agencies; work in ad department of newspaper part time; consider media specialty studies for web; join and take leadership in student professional organizations such as Advertising Club and PRSSA.