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Political Science

Political science majors examine the relationships among individuals, groups, institutions, and governments to address the perennial quest for justice, liberty, and the good life that is at the heart of politics.The Political Science web pages have additional information.

Tim began exploring career options in Political Science while a student at Duquesne. Hear what he's been up to:

Career Fields

Public Service

  • Federal Government agencies such as CIA, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • State and local governments
  • Legislator or other elected official or their staff
  • Political campaign manager or assistant

Strategies: Consider semester or summer internships in Washington D.C., with organizations; Volunteer in political campaigns; become active in student government; consider graduate training in areas such public policy; study a foreign language for diplomatic or international careers.


  • Attorney in private practice, concentrating on criminal or civil law
  • Government agencies: state (e.g., state Attorney general office) and federal levels

Strategies: Join Pre-Law Society at Duquesne; meet with pre-law advisor in the Political Science department.


  • Labor Relations
  • Government affairs specialists for corporation
  • Lobbyist to Congress for special interest groups (e.g., NRA; Sierra Club)

Strategies: Consider obtaining a certificate in Business while at Duquesne; complete internships in the private sector


  • Advocacy groups
  • Non-governmental organizations or NGO’s:
  • Private foundations

Strategies: Become active in local and on-campus advocacy groups; research organizations on the internet to determine interests


  • Teacher, middle or high school (e.g., civics, government, social studies)
  • College teaching in a university, four-year or community college:

Strategies: Gain state of Pennsylvania certification to teach in public schools either concurrently with bachelor’s degree in Education or through post-graduate programs; be prepared to relocate to states where demographics increase the demand for teachers