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World Literature

World Literature is an interdisciplinary major and minor program sponsored by the Departments of Classics, English, and Modern Languages and Literatures. It allows students to study literary works from many countries and time periods in different departments in their original language or in English translation.

Career Fields


  • Attorney, possibly specializing in international and/or immigration law
  • International law for multi-national corporations and non-profits
  • Legal advocacy for non-governmental organizations (e.g., Human Rights Watch)
  • Corporate legal affairs departments
  • Government agencies: state (e.g., state Attorney General office) and federal levels

Strategies: Join Pre-Law Society at Duquesne; meet with the pre-law advisor; complete legal internships; consider a minor in political science or a business certificate; gain international experience through Study Abroad; expand knowledge of languages for international careers.

Business and Government

  • Corporate newsletter and internal communications
  • Speech writing for political campaigns
  • Writing-related government agencies (Labor, National Archives, FTC, Printing Office)
  • Government affairs specialists for corporations
  • Public and consumer affairs

Strategies: Consider obtaining a certificate in Business while at Duquesne; complete internships in the private sector; write for local government departments and agencies; volunteer in political campaigns in the publicity area; apply for internships with federal agencies.

Media and Publishing

  • Book and magazine editing
  • Trade, technical and professional journals and newsletters
  • Newspaper, TV and radio reporting and commentary
  • Writing for web outlets
  • Film industry

Strategies: write for the Duquesne Duke; write everything you can; intern with local newspapers and magazines; work with Pittsburgh Filmmakers; study a foreign language for international careers.

Writing and Technical Writing

  • Creative writing (novelist, poet, memoir)
  • Grant writing
  • Medical writing
  • Telecommunications
  • Research and writing for government publications (Federal and state agencies)

Strategies: Write for and become involved with Lexicon, the Duquesne Literary Magazine; build technical knowledge in at least one field, such as medical or web; minor in computer science; intern in a technical writing capacity; explore industries such as telecommunications; intern with the federal government


  • High school or middle school teacher
  • Post-secondary teaching in a college, university or community college
  • English as second language (ESL)
  • Information/Library Science
  • Language tutoring

Strategies: Gain Pennsylvania certification to teach in public schools either concurrently with bachelor’s degree in Education or through post-graduate programs; be prepared to relocate to states where demographics increase the demand for teachers; plan to earn advanced degree (PhD) for college teaching; tutor high school students in writing; work or volunteer in literacy programs or in the Writing Center at Duquesne; check resources in the Career Center for leads on teaching English abroad.