On-Campus Interview Program

The On-Campus Interview (OCI) Program offers currently enrolled students and alumni an opportunity to interview on campus for positions after graduation, as well as summer internships.  You must be registered in Handshake with a completed profile and an updated resume to participate in OCI.

Interviews are scheduled in the Fall (September – December) and Spring (February – April).  All positions with interview schedules are be posted in Handshake.  Make sure you check Handshake often for newly posted opportunities.


How do I find out which companies are interviewing on campus? How do I apply?

Upon logging in to Handshake, click Jobs from the top navigation bar, then click On-Campus Interviews.  You'll see a list of the upcoming interview schedules with a brief description of each position. Click on the job titles that interest you to view a complete job description including qualifications. To apply, click on the Apply button, then choose the resume and cover letter you would like to send to the employer.

Make sure you keep track of the Application End (deadline) dates as well as the Interview Sign up dates so you don’t lose out on any opportunities.  These deadlines are listed on each job description.

How do I see additional opportunities that I may qualify for?

Go to Jobs from the top navigation menu, to view ALL the opportunities posted in Handshake.

Can I apply if I don't match some of the employer's preferences?

Yes! For each position you will see a list of the Employer Preferences and which ones you match and which ones you don't. No need to worry - you can still apply and each employer can decide if they will consider your application.

What happens after I apply for the position?

After the deadline date, the employer reviews each resume to determine who they would like to interview.  Once an employer makes their decision (usually within a week after the apply end date), you will receive a notification indicating if you have been selected as a primary or alternate. You can also check the status from the Applications tab under Jobs.

*If you receive an "alternate" status you will only be able to schedule an interview if an "accepted" candidate withdraws their application.

How do I schedule an interview?

Choose Applications under the Jobs tab from the top navigation bar to check the status of all OCI positions you've applied for. To schedule a time, go to the opportunity where you are listed as a primary or alternate and click "Take Slot" under the action column. If you need to change your time, you'll be able to "Leave Slot" as long as there are other slots available. You also have the option to request to "Switch to Slot" with another student, this will prompt a notification to the student in the requested slot and it will be up to the other student if they would be willing to switch slots with you.

Emergency Cancellations

When Duquesne cancels classes due to weather or emergency it is announced on the www.duq.edu website and on local radio and television broadcasts.

The Center for Career Development will follow the University's cancellation plans.  This will include our sponsorship of any recruiting events and interviews.

  1. If the University announces that offices are open and classes are canceled, all recruiting events, (on-campus interviewing, career fairs, etc.) will be conducted as scheduled.
  2. If it is announced that offices are closed, events will probably be canceled.
  3. If the University experiences a late opening, we will begin the scheduled interviews as soon as the University opens (If a 2-hour delay is announced, the University will open at 10:30 a.m.)  Any interviews that are missed due to the late opening will be rescheduled throughout the day.
  4. Always check the University website for the most current information.