Policies for Third Party and other Agencies

Third party employment services (TPES) include general employment agencies, executive or management search firms, specialized recruiting agencies, outsource agencies, résumé databases or clearinghouses, outplacement firms, recruiting consortia, and other third parties that recruit candidates for employment opportunities other than for their own organization's needs. Contract agencies and temporary services are also included in Duquesne's definition of third parties.

  1. Third-party recruiters who are hiring for positions within their own organization may be granted on-campus recruiting privileges. 
  2. Third-party recruiters who are hiring for positions outside of their own organization may have 
    A) Temp to Hire - these positions are working and paid by your organization with the possibility of being hired by their temporary site 
         i) You will make every effort to place qualified employees with other positions if their temporary placement decides not to hire them 
    B) Direct Hire (client name withheld) / Permanent Placement -- positions will be posted provided you disclose the name of the client and job location within the job description or to the Career Center staff upon request. The Career Center reserves the right to verify this information. Confidentiality will be maintained with this information. 
         i) This text should be included in your job posting for these kinds of positions: "COMPANY NAME is currently serving a local company in meeting their hiring needs for a full-time, permanent hire within the client's company. Due to contractual obligations, COMPANY NAME cannot give the name of the company in this job posting but will reveal it once you become a candidate for the position by responding to this job posting." 
    C) Contract - these are positions which work for your organization but typically are assigned to one of your client companies and work either on-site or remotely. We can post these positions since they are your employees without knowing where they would be placed. 
  3. By participating in these services, organizations agree that they will adhere to the EEO standards in all recruiting activities. 
    A) No fee will be charged to any candidate at any time 
    B) Organizations will not disclose student information under any circumstances to other entities without student's prior written consent.