Are you a Duquesne alum?

As an alumnus, you recognize the talent, skills, and level of excellence that Duquesne University students possess.
Consider becoming a Career Champion and take an activie interest in helping our students achieve their career goals.
Here are a few initiatives you may want to participate in:

  • Identifying internships and jobs in your company
  • Connect us to your employer by providing us with contact information of those who recruite candidates
  • Attend recruiting events, such as job fairs and on-campus recruiting for internships and full-time positions
  • Participate on panel presentations, networking events, and mock interviews to contribute to students' career development
  • Share your knowledge and career expertise on resume writing and interviewing techniques
  • Support your academic school through school-specific events and programs

Please complete this online volunteer form. We appreciate your interest in sharing your expertise and participating in Duquesne University's student career development.

Consider joining our LinkedIn group, Duquesne University Career Network, to connect with alumni, employers, and students!

Interested in participating in alumni events? Find out what's new at Duquesne University for Alumni!

If you are an employer and would like to recruit students for jobs or internships, Employer Recruiting provides information on how we can partner together to help you achieve your goals.