How Parents Can Help

College career counselors and parents have a common goal — helping students make sound career choices. Here are 10 ways you can help your son or daughter:

  1. Encourage your student to visit the Center for Career Development. It's never too early to meet with the career counselors and become familiar with the services we provide. The sooner a student becomes familiar with the Center, the better prepared s/he will be.
  2. Listen to your student. Be open to ideas and try to help your student find information. The Center for Career Development is an excellent source of resources and information.
  3. Challenge your student to explore his/her interests, likes, and dislikes by volunteering and becoming involved in extracurricular activities. Not only will these activities aid students on their journey of self-discovery, but important qualities can be developed, such as interpersonal and leadership skills.
  4. Allow your student to make the decision about his/her future career. We all have our strengths and interests, and your child's are unique to him/her. Even if you don't agree with the decision, be patient and understanding.
  5. Advise your student to stay abreast of current events. Students can gain much career-related knowledge by reading the daily paper or a weekly periodical. Additionally, during the interview process, many employers ask questions pertaining to recent events in their industries.
  6. Emphasize the importance of career exploration through interviewing and networking with professionals, as well as through internships. Hands-on experience exposes your student to the workings of the actual job position and teaches them additional skills.
  7. Persuade your son or daughter to work during the summers and learn the value of a strong work ethic. Too often new employees do not succeed due to poor attendance records and poor work habits.
  8. Encourage your student to write a resume. We provide a variety of resources to help students learn the basics of writing a resume and suggest that students meet with their career counselor for a review of the final draft.
  9. Lend support to your child throughout the job search process, but do not conduct the job search yourself.
  10. Assist the Center for Career Development. When you have an open full-time, internship, part-time or summer position, please call our office with the information. If you are an alumni, please consider becoming a mentor and helping current students learn more about your profession.

Thank you! And remember . . . by working together, we can prepare our students for their future!