Your Career Guide - Your Plan to Succeed!

The Career Guide is your professional career development resource created for you by the Center for Career Development.

In it you'll find these tools to assist you in achieving your career goals, such as:

  • Your Guide to Professional Success (GPS)
  • Ways to explore majors and careers
  • Resources to help you develop professional and job search skills
  • Opportunities to gain experience and skills 
  • Taking the next step - ethics in your job search, graduate school, and job offers

Each section provides resources to help you achieve your career goals.  

Use the Career Guide as your guide to professional success. Start taking action early, ideally in your freshman year. Yet no matter what year you are in, it is time to map your future. Your career counselor and the Center for Career Development staff are eager to support you through your journey.

If you would like a hard copy of the Career Guide, stop by the Center for Career Development.