Uploading Transcripts to Handshake

Oftentimes employers require students to provide unofficial transcripts along with a resume and/or a cover letter.

Here's how to upload your unofficial transcripts on to Handshake:

  1. Log on to DORI (duq.edu/dor)
  2. Click "Self Service Banner"
  3. Click "Student Information"
  4. Click "Student Records"
  5. Click "View Academic Transcripts"
    a. Both drop downs should read in this order "All Levels" and "Advising Transcript"
    b. Click "Submit" button
  6. This is the unofficial transcript. Use your mouse to highlight the entire document from your name information all the way down to your most current semester.
    a. On the keyboard, press these buttons simultaneously to copy all which you have highlights: CTRL  C
    b. DO NOT SCREENSHOT THE PAGE - you must copy and paste the text into the word document.
  7. Open Microsoft Word (or the equivalent for Mac)
  8. In the blank document, press the following buttons to paste in your unofficial transcript: CTRL  V
  9. Go to the "Page Layout" tab
    a. Switch the orientation under "Orientation" to "Landscape"
  10. Save your unofficial transcript Word document as a .docx or a .pdf
  11. Upload into Handshake: click your name in the right-hand corner, select "Documents" from the drop-down menu. Click on "Select from Computer" and choose the document you'd like to upload. Clicke "Open" and a new box will appear to name your document and choose the document type. Your document will then be added to your profile. Keep in mind that this will only be visible if you click "Feature on Profile".

If you have questions, please call the Center for Career Development at 412-396-6644.