Micro-internships are short-term project-based work opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience and an introduction to the world of professional work.

  • Micro-internships usually range between 2-4 weeks and 10-35 hours each week, however conditions are flexible and based upon the specific project(s) and employer's requirements.
  • Responsibilities may include research, data analysis, writing, or other projects that provide a professional opportunity and meet a workplace need.
  • Like internships, micro-internships provide an opportunity for employers and students to build professional networks and mentoring relationships.
  • The Center for Career Development strongly recommends that micro-interns be paid for their work.

Currently, these opportunities are posted on DukesConnect and appear as Micro-intern: followed by the project name. For example, Micro-intern: Data Analyst. You can also find them on our new Micro-intership portal!

How to apply for a micro-internship:

  • Unless otherwise instructed, students submit a resume and cover letter as well as any additional application materials requested such as a writing sample.
  • The company will select candidates from applicants and conduct interviews.
  • Candidates will be apprised of their hire status from the company, including an offer for the position.
  • When hired, students are expected to adhere to the student conduct and ethical behavior expectations of a Duquesne University student intern.

At this time, micro-internships are not eligible for internship credit.