Electronic Portfolios

Electronic Portfolios (e-Portfolios)

The electronic portfolio complements rather than replaces your hard copy portfolio. The e-portfolio can be placed on a CD, DVD, flash/thumb drive, or on the web. It can be set up as a PowerPoint presentation or you can include a PowerPoint slideshow as part of the portfolio.

Why an e-portfolio?

E-portfolios are easy for employers to access and use. An advantage is that the employer can access and review the portfolio when convenient as well as share it with others on the recruiting team.

What to include

In addition to the kinds of materials in your traditional portfolio, you might include an expanded version of your résumé, audio and video clips, an e-mail link, and a link to your academic major’s curriculum on the Duquesne website, and other appropriate links.

How to create your e-portfolio

Include electronic versions of items from your traditional portfolio. For example, include the word processing files for your writing samples and your résumé, scans of appropriate photos and certificates, and Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files of graphics such as brochures that you have designed. Avoid personal information and inappropriate links.

Respect privacy

Be sure to carefully review your e-portfolio to respect the privacy of persons whose names and/or contact information (e.g., professors, team members, former employers) might become accessible without their knowledge or consent. This is especially important if your e-portfolio is sent to large numbers of employers along with submissions of resumes.

When to use your e-portfolio

The electronic portfolio is useful after the interview when the employer can refer to it and give access to others who were not in the interview. It is sometimes used in advance of the interview, especially if it is a website whose link you might include in a cover letter with your resume as a further incentive to encourage the employer to invite you for an interview.