Sports Marketing

With a world full of consumers making purchasing decisions every day, it is the job of marketing professionals to know what people need and to educate buyers so they can make informed decisions about which products to purchase.

Convincing a specific target audience that your product is better than that of the competition is the essence of marketing. Marketing executives need to be great communicators, outstanding listeners and of course be creative problem solvers who are immune to stress, deadlines and demanding bosses.

Career Fields


  • Ticket sales
  • Advertising sales

Strategies: Obtain experience through internships or sales jobs; become highly motivated and well organized; gain and practice leadership abilities; develop a strong commitment to customer satisfaction; know your sport well; be comfortable working well under pressure and in a competitive environment.

Customer Relations

  • Customer Service

Strategies: Obtain part-time or summer experience; develop problem solving skills, self-confidence, assertiveness, empathy, and stamina; develop strong leadership and public speaking skills. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required.

Brand Management

Strategies: Be oriented to results and creativity; develop strong interpersonal, communication, and analytical skills; obtain a broad background in advertising, research, consumer behavior, and strategy; plan on pursuing an MBA for most brand management, consulting, and research opportunities.

Market Research

Strategies: Develop good interpersonal skills and effective communication skills, both verbal and written. Good analytical and problem solving skills are critical. Preparation in statistics, mathematics, and behavioral science is required. Plan on obtaining an advanced degree in business or statistics.