McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts

The study of the liberal arts prepares you for a productive and creative career while also developing values that give meaning to family, community, career, and self. Among the skills and habits you learn are

  • disciplined thought
  • careful analysis
  • articulate presentation of ideas
  • organized and persuasive writing and speech

Rather than training for a specific career, these skills prepare you to succeed in a wide variety of potential careers. See the many advantages to having a Liberal Arts degree.

By clicking on each of the following majors, you will be able to review

  • skills developed in that major
  • potential career fields
  • stories from alumni about their personal career experiences
  • additional resources to help you learn more about related careers


Classics History Political Science
Communication Studies Integrated Mktg Communication Psychology
Computer Science International Relations Public Relations/
Corporate Communication Mathematics Rhetoric
Digital Media Arts Modern Languages & Literatures Sociology
Economics Multiplatform Journalism Theater Arts
English Philosophy Theology