Philosophy is at the heart of a liberal education; philosophical reflection encourages human beings to seek the truth and to examine the moral foundations of their thought and action.

Philosophy fosters the ability to read with understanding, to think logically, to argue rationally, and to evaluate positions critically. Duquesne philosophy alumni have distinguished themselves in careers in philosophy, law, business, and in the priesthood.

Career Fields


  • Attorney in private practice, concentrating on criminal or civil law
  • International law for multi-national corporations
  • Corporate legal affairs departments
  • Government agencies: state (e.g., State Attorney General's office) and federal levels

Strategies: Join Pre-Law Society at Duquesne; meet with pre-law advisor; complete legal internships; consider a minor in political science or a business certificate; gain international experience through Study Abroad; expand knowledge of languages for international careers.

Government Agencies

  • Analyst
  • Information specialist
  • Writing-related government agencies (Labor, National Archives, FTC, Printing Office)
  • Intercultural agencies (e.g., Federal Trade Commission; US Tourism and Travel)
  • Public and consumer affairs

Strategies: Complete internships in local or state government agencies; write for local government department publications; intern with the federal or state government; spend a semester in Washington, D.C.; study abroad.

Non-Governmental Organizations, Advocacy Groups and Non-Profits

  • United Nations Agencies (e.g., UNICEF; World Health Org.; World Trade Org.)
  • Non-governmental Organizations (NGO’s) (e.g., Red Cross; Doctors Without Borders)
  • Advocacy groups (e.g., Amnesty International; anti-human trafficking; Save the Children)
  • Private foundations, charities and religious groups
  • Non-profits with international reach (e.g., YMCA, UPMC)

Strategies: Study abroad; become fluent in foreign language(s); concentrate on a geographical area; do internships in international agencies such as the UN and NGO’s; look into UN’s Junior Professional Program (JPO); research opportunities in the UN’s Galaxy staffing site; become familiar with the Foundations Directory (online); join and become active in local chapters of international groups and organizations; volunteer in local and on-campus advocacy organizations; research organizations on the Internet to determine interests; gain experience interning and volunteering in non-profit organizations; attend the annual Nonprofit job fair co-sponsored by Duquesne Career Services.

Writing and Technical Writing

  • Free-lance writing for multiple types of publications
  • Speech writing
  • Web writing
  • Telecommunications
  • Research and writing for government publications (Federal and state agencies)

Strategies: Write for and become involved with student publications; build technical knowledge in at least one field, such as medical or web; intern in a technical writing capacity; explore industries such as telecommunications; intern with the federal government.

Higher Education

  • Philosophy professor
  • University administrator

Strategies: Pursue graduate studies with the goal of attaining a PH.D.; talk with Philosophy professors about academic opportunities in the field; develop excellent scholarly research and writing habits; attend academic conferences; be prepared to “follow the jobs” to out of the way colleges and universities; take on leadership positions in student academic organizations.