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Apartment Renting Tips

About the apartment:

1. Does the apartment need to be painted? If so, who will do it and pay for it?
2. How is the carpet/floor? Is it dirty or stained? Does it need to be cleaned before you move in and move out? Who will pay for it?
3. Are the utilities (gas, light, water) included in the rent? If not, what is the average monthly cost?
4. How are the windows? Do they work? Do they lock? Is there anything wrong with them?
5. Does the apartment lock work properly? How many keys are there? Are you allowed to make more copies if you need to?
6. Are there kitchen appliances? If so, do they work properly?
7. Are there lights fixtures in the apartment. If so, are they in good condition and work properly?
8. Do you have any limits on decorating the apartment (i.e. change wall paint, hang pictures, rearrange the furniture).
9. Do shower and water facets work properly?
10. Is there any limitation regarding number of occupants and guests?
11. Is there a required security deposit? If so, what needs to be done in order to receive full refund?

What is the garbage day and where should you put your garbage?


About the building:

1. Is there private parking in the building? Is it included in the rent or do you have to pay it separately? If there is no parking, where can you park?
2. Is there public transportation around the building?
3. Are there grocery stores around the neighborhood? Are they walking distance or do you need a car?
4. Are there laundry facilities in the building? If not, where are the closest ones?
5. Is there a security system in the building?
6. How does the building look? Is it clean and well maintained?
7. Does the Building have sprinklers? Are there fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in the hallways? Where are the closest fire exits?
8. Is there a maintenance person in the building? If something happens, whom should you call?