Commuter Assistant Program

The Commuter Affairs Office at Duquesne University is different from many local universities in that we have a Commuter Assistant program.

Each new undergraduate freshman and transfer commuter student is assigned a Commuter Assistant (CA) during their first year at Duquesne. CAs are upperclassmen commuters who serve as mentors to new undergraduate commuter students as they transition into college life. Each student has a CA that is usually in the same academic program. CAs help plan programs and activities to engage new students and assist them in becoming active members of the Duquesne community.

Students should look to their CA as a great resource, not only about things related to commuting, but also academics and other aspects of student life.

Fall 2022 Commuter Assistants

Sujata Bajgai                                                  

Major: Marketing

Felicia Bedford

Major: Biology & English

Shreya Boppudi

Major: Biochemistry

Anusha Kikani

Major: Physical Therapy

Annamarie Kosslow

Major: Communications

Chartaea McGhee

Major: Nursing

Remy Pastierik

Major: Biology

Christiana Saldamarco 

Major: Accounting