Off-Campus Housing Information

Many upperclassmen choose to live in one of the Pittsburgh neighborhoods surrounding Duquesne's campus. Students find that living on their own comes with newly found opportunities and responsibilities. We remind students to always be responsible neighbors within their communities and to meet the Expectations of a Duquesne Student.

Additional Resources

If you're living off-campus -- or thinking about making the move -- and have questions about landlords, leases, roommates, neighbors and neighborhoods, satefy, moving and more, we are here to help. See the articles on our Resources page, check out our Off-Campus Housing Guides, or reach out to our office.

Campus Residency Policy

Students may start living off-campus beginning in their junior year. Per the Campus Residency Policy, students in their freshman or sophomore year are required to live on campus or at home with their parent/guardian.

City of Pittsburgh Code

Students who live off campus should be advised that according to City of Pittsburgh Code, no more than three unrelated individuals are permitted to reside together in one rental housing unit.

Updating Your Information in DORI

In order to be in compliance with federal regulations concerning student location, and to assure the efficient and effective delivery of important University communications, all students are responsible for maintaining current and accurate addresses, telephone numbers and emergency contact information at all times.

Students must regularly review and update their permanent and local (if applicable) addresses and phone numbers and must also report having moved temporarily to a location that would not be considered a local, commutable distance from campus nor would it constitute a permanent address change.

Students will be prompted at the beginning of each semester to log on to DORI and use Self-Service Banner to review and update address as well as emergency contact information. Any necessary changes must be made no later than the final date of registration for each term. Any subsequent changes must be made within 14 days of the actual change. Failure to do so will result in student conduct charges.

Up to four address types should be reviewed and updated by students and will be stored and maintained in the Banner Student System. These address types are:

  • HOME - permanent residential address

  • LOCAL - address of residence for your studies during the semester if not residing at HOME or in an on-campus RESIDENCE hall

  • RESIDENTIAL - address in one of the on-campus residence halls

  • TEMPORARY - temporary relocation from HOME, LOCAL, or RESIDENTIAL address for your studies during the semester

Details regarding address updates can be found at Change of Personal Information Procedures.