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Move Out Checklist

Check your lease for your move-out period notice.

Notify the landlord prior to the deadline, in writing, of your intent to stay or to move out after the lease term.

Be sure to pay your last month's rent.

You cannot substitute your last month's rent with the already-paid security deposit.

Clean the property thoroughly.

A thorough cleaning job includes removing all tacks, nails and tape from the walls. It also includes replacing any light bulbs that are burned out.

Document the condition of the property.

Once this has been completed-and, ideally, once you move your furniture out, complete a move-out checklist and take pictures/video ( just like you did when you moved in) to show in what condition you left the property. You also want to do a walk-through with the landlord, so that you can inspect the property together.

Cancel all utility, cable, internet, etc. accounts.

Ensure that you call all of your utility companies directly to schedule a date to disconnect all your utilities. Remember your bills have to be paid in full before you are permitted to close your accounts.

Return all keys.

You might want to have your landlord sign something indicating you returned all keys.

Provide your landlord with a forwarding address.

If you want your security deposit back, you must provide your landlord with a forwarding address.