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Off-Campus Apartment Listings

We reserve the right to list any or all of the information you/landlord provide(s) at our discretion. Landlords are individually responsible for the accuracy of their listing and for compliance with all legal zoning, life safety and nondiscrimination requirements. Duquesne University makes no representation or warranty about the safety, quality, legal compliance or habitability of any listed apartment. Duquesne University does not inspect any listed apartment and does not verify the accuracy of any listing. Duquesne University assumes no responsibility for outdated or inaccurate information and the fact that an apartment is listed does not constitute approval or certification of the apartment in any way by Duquesne. This listing is provided strictly as a convenience to our students. No information provided here creates a legal relationship between students, parents, the University or any third party regarding off campus living. Duquesne University is not responsible for any lease or its terms that students negotiate and enter into with any landlord. Students should only reside in housing that is compliant with local and state housing codes.

Postings will appear on our web site for a 30-day limit only.

South Side - 110 South 12th Street
Date Listed: 10/18/18

Unit B - 2 Bedroom Apartment - $1,000.00 + Gas and Electric; security deposit $1,000.00; lease: one year
Unit C - 2 Bedroom Apartment - $950.00 + Gas and Electric; security deposit $950.00; lease: 6 months
Additional Information: unfurnished, equipped kitchen, laundry
Availability: Immediately
Contact: Patricia Silberstein at 412-980-1681 or phixdesign@comcast.net

Crafton - 58 Afton Avenue
Date Listed: 10/4/18

2+ Bedroom House
$1,650.00 per person + Gas and Electric
Additional Information: unfurnished, equipped kitchen, laundry, quiet area on 3rd floor for studies, yard, deck, off-street parking, security deposit: $1,650.00, lease: one year
Availability: Immediately
Contact: Linda Vicari-Baker at 412-638-4356 or jlvicaribaker@verizon.net

Pittsburgh - 3925 Brighton Road
Date Listed: 9/17/18

Roommates wanted to share 4 bedroom apartment
$600.00 per person + Gas, Electric and Water
Additional Information: furnished, equipped kitchen, laundry, security deposit: one months rent, lease: 6-12 months
Availability: October 1, 2018
Contact: Allison Blackwell at 412-744-6632 or Blackwell_allison@yahoo.com