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Off-Campus Apartment Listings

We reserve the right to list any or all of the information you/landlord provide(s) at our discretion. Landlords are individually responsible for the accuracy of their listing and for compliance with all legal zoning, life safety and nondiscrimination requirements. Duquesne University makes no representation or warranty about the safety, quality, legal compliance or habitability of any listed apartment. Duquesne University does not inspect any listed apartment and does not verify the accuracy of any listing. Duquesne University assumes no responsibility for outdated or inaccurate information and the fact that an apartment is listed does not constitute approval or certification of the apartment in any way by Duquesne. This listing is provided strictly as a convenience to our students. No information provided here creates a legal relationship between students, parents, the University or any third party regarding off campus living. Duquesne University is not responsible for any lease or its terms that students negotiate and enter into with any landlord. Students should only reside in housing that is compliant with local and state housing codes.

Postings will appear on our web site for a 30-day limit only.

Allegheny West - 818 Western Avenue
Date Listed: 07/17/2018

1 Bedroom Apartment
$890.00 - Utilities Included
Additional Information: unfurnished, equipped kitchen, laundry, private patio off kitchen, roof deck, near Commons Park and Heinz Field, lease terms: 12 months, security deposit: $890.00
Availability: Immediately
Contact: Jack Schmitt at 724-794-8652 or fjackschmitt@gmail.com

South Side - S 14th Street
Date Listed: 07/11/2018

1 Bedroom Apartment
$1,175.00 + Electric, Gas, and Cable
Additional Information: unfurnished, equipped kitchen, laundry, Central A/C, two-door security, on-street parking, no pets, lease terms: 1 year, security deposit: $1,175.00
Availability: September 1
Contact: Christie Smith at 412-860-4485 or christiesmith412@hotmail.com

South Side - 182 Pius Street
Date Listed: 07/08/2018

4 Bedroom House
$375.00/month per tenant + Electric, Gas, Water and Internet not Included
Additional Information: furnished, equipped kitchen, laundry, off-street parking, lease terms: 1 year, security deposit required
Availability: August 1
Contact: Brendan Makarewicz at 414-429-8202 or makarew2@gmail.com

Bellevue - Summit Avenue
Date Listed: 07/08/2018

Room in a house
$700.00 - Utilities Included
Additional Information: furnished with queen bed, dresser, desk, A/C room, use of whole house, equipped kitchen, laundry, on bus line, parking, close to community shops, no pets, baby grand piano for student use, lease terms: school year, security deposit: $500.00
Availability: August 15
Contact: Cindy West at 412-491-0145 or west203@comcast.net

Date Listed: 07/02/2018

600 S Highland Avenue: 1 bedroom apartment: $950.00 + Electric, Cable, Internet, Phone
The Kennilworth: 1 bedroom apartment: $950.0 + Cable, Internet and Phone
Additional Information: Chatham University has leased apartment in Shadyside and are opening these units for other students at local universities. Walking distance to business district, on PAT bus line, lease terms: 12 months from August 1, 2018 to July 31, 2019, security deposit: $598.00 on S Highland Avenue and $550.00 at The Kennilworth
Availability: August 1
Contact: Chatham University (Simmone Bell) at s.bell@chatham.edu or 412-365-1225

Penn Hills - 2329 Hollywood Drive
Date Listed 6/25/2018

4 Bedroom House
$1,375.00 + Electric, Gas, Water
Additional Information: unfurnished, 1.5 Bathrooms, backyard, deck, community swimming pool and clubhouse, pets allowed, close to public transportation, lease terms: one year, security deposit: $1,375.00
Availability: July 1
Contact: Marie Newkirk at 412-444-5805 or marie.colette9@google.com

Friendship - 5502 Harriet Street
Date Listed: 06/15/2018

3 Bedroom Apartment
$1,850.00 + Electric
Additional Information: unfurnished, equipped kitchen with dishwasher, laundry, A/C, use of front and back porches, off-street parking, close to shopping area and public transportation, lease terms: one year, security deposit: $300.00
Availability: July 1
Contact: Daniela at 412-361-8487 or bolea2000@aol.com