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Things to Consider

Expenses and Extra Costs

A very important consideration when looking into off-campus housing is the cost of living. To determine the affordability of a rental unit, you will need to consider the following: rent, utilities (not covered in the rent), renter's insurance, parking/South Side Shuttle, food and other living expenses.

Because living within your means is vital, utilize a budget to keep track of your money. When renting a property, utility costs are often not included in the rent cost. Utilities can vary a great deal based on the type of unit you are renting and the age of the building. If you contact the utility company they should be able to provide you with an estimate of monthly costs based upon the previous tenants. It is important that you budget extra money each month for electric, gas, cable, internet and water.


Talk to other students who live in the area. Often, they can be your best resource when trying to find an off-campus apartment.

Never live in an area where you feel unsafe.

Visit the area during various times of the day and night and on weekends to see what the area is like.

Trulia and Spotcrime provide crime statistics for different areas.