Academic Accommodations

Early Pre-registration

Students with disabilities may register early for courses prior to the normal pre-registration period.

Testing Accommodations

Depending on an individual's needs, the University offers special arrangements for oral testing, extended times for examinations, test readers, distraction reduced testing, and computers for testing.

Classroom Accommodations

Depending on an individual's needs, the University creates accommodations to make the classroom environment fit the student's disability needs.  Accessible classroom relocations can be made through the Office of Disability Services on an as needed basis for students who use wheelchairs or are mobility impaired.

Learning, Physical/Medical, Psychological and ADD/ADHD Disabilities

Services include (but are not limited to) making arrangements for: oral testing, secluded testing, tape-recording in classes, note-taking assistance, extended-time testing and readers for test situations.
We will also assist students in petitioning the Student Standing Committee for any warranted substitutions as per submitted documentation.

Blindness and Visual Impairments

Available on an individual basis

Hearing Impairments

We work closely with various state and nonprofit agencies to coordinate the services of interpreters for students with hearing impairments.