Audio Recording Agreement

In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, a student with a qualifying disability which adversely affects his/her ability to take or read notes may be permitted to audio-record class lectures as a form of a reasonable academic accommodation. For a variety of reasons, some students are not able to take
adequate notes during class. Audio recorders are a legitimate auxiliary aid to supplement or substitute note taking for some students with disabilities.

Use of this accommodation is subject to the following conditions:

Recordings of class lectures are only for the student's personal use in study and preparation related to the class.
The student may not share these recordings with any other person or database.
The student agrees to return all recorded lectures to the lecturer or to the Office of Disability Services, or to destroy all recordings that were made after the class is over.

In some instances, instructors may object to the use of an audio-recording device in classes (or portions of classes) that involve personal discussion and self-disclosure by students, fearing that audio recorders will inhibit the free exchange of information and potentially violate students' right to privacy. In these situations the instructor must notify
the student before class.

Violating this agreement may result in the withdrawal of the authorization to record in the course, as well as follow up from the Office of Student Conduct.

I agree that I will not publish, or otherwise quote, dialogue from the lecture without the written consent of the lecturer or any students who spoke during class.

I agree that I will follow the terms of this agreement in accordance with the policies set forth by the Office of Disability Services.

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