Foreign Language Policy

The Office of Disability Services offers assistance to students who provide evidence that they may have disabilities that limit their capacity to learn a second language. Working with the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts, the Office of Disability Services will determine the specific accommodations appropriate for students with documented disabilities in this area.

A student who believes she or he needs an accommodation must first register with the Office of Disabilities Services and submit all necessary and relevant documentation. After reviewing the supporting documentation and assessing the severity of the student's disability, the Office of Disability Services may deny the request or recommend one of two accommodations. Depending on the extent of the impairment, the student may be eligible for either:

  1. Standard classroom accommodation(s)
  2. An alternate track in which the student must successfully complete the 101 and 102 courses in a language and then address the remaining language requirement by successfully completing pre-approved language-associated alternative courses.

Any course used to satisfy a language requirement may not also be used to fulfill any other academic core requirement.

All students enrolled in the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts must complete their language requirement to graduate. Duquesne University does not grant language "waivers" and approves language-associated alternative courses only on the basis of appropriate diagnostic summaries and neuropsychological assessment data.