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A Welcome from the Director


My name is Anthony Kane, Director of the Center for Excellence in Diversity and Student Inclusion, on behalf of Duquesne University I would like to introduce you to our office. The Center (formerly the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, ODI) at Duquesne University strives to develop a diverse student population by providing support services and opportunities for learning. As an office, we take great pride in providing an exceptional experience for the students and community members we serve.

As you may be aware, the Duquesne University mission in short is, ‘To serve God by serving students." Given these unprecedented times in which we are living, we as an office want to be intentional and purposeful as we provide opportunities for our alumni to be engaged with our students. This engagement will manifest through our students' social and personal growth, sense of belonging, and contributions as they become Duquesne alumni. As alumni, your contributions to the office will assist in addressing the needs of current students, and allow us to move our office forward with your personal and financial support.

In closing, as a University we currently have over 88,000 alumni located throughout all fifty states and around the world. In understanding that all success is linked to a strong network and relationships; I would like to personally extend an invitation for you to become involved in our office's efforts, and to make you aware of the local and regional events in which the University is involved. Additionally, I encourage you all to join DukesConnect and sign up to be a part of the ODI/Black Alumni Group! DukesConnect is an online platform offering Virtual Networking and Mentoring for the Duquesne students and alumni. For those of you connected on Facebook, join the Minority Alumni Group!

We are also hopeful that you will make your current contact information available to us. Your information will be used exclusively by our office staff to extend invitations for specific events; which, will generally include, socials, discussions, and keynote events. We cannot fulfill the mission alone and we humbly acknowledge that your help and support are critical to our success.

For further information, please feel free to call our office at 412.396.1117.


Anthony Kane Jr., Ed.D.
Director of the Center for Excellence in Diversity and Student Inclusion
Duquesne University

Photo of Dr. Anthony Kane