ODI Alumni Council

The Duquesne University mission, in short, is ‘To serve God by serving students." As an office, part of that objective includes, not simply providing quality services to current students, but maintaining relations and support beyond graduation. Duquesne University currently has over 88,000 alumni located throughout all fifty states and around the world. In understanding that all success is linked to strong connections, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion developed the new ODI Alumni Council.

This council's primary objective is to establish a unified network of Duquesne alumni, for the purpose of providing services and service opportunities for all to engage in - enhancing the experience of current students, exchanging information, increasing career opportunities, and simply having fun. The council - led by Jeff Mallory (ODI Director), Naomi Ritter (co-chair), and others - has kicked off such efforts with two socials this past spring, and plan to move forward in their efforts with many more activities and events to come.