Duquesne University Leadership Academy

Duquesne University Leadership Academy (DULA)


The following program description offers a programmatic structure to afford developmental and creative programming for student participants. Moreover, this program was crafted to highlight the University's current community-engagement efforts in target neighborhoods, introduce students to key community leaders and agencies, encourage the personal development of participants, and foster spiritual growth of participants looking to live out their faith by serving others.

The Objective & Goals

To provide a six-day program for Catholic high school students to engage in challenging dialogue, motivating workshops and trainings, as well as community-engaged and social activities designed to enhance academic learning, personal development, faith development, leadership skills, and civic identity development.

Duquesne University Leadership Academy (DULA) seeks each day to foster the following:

  • Engaging with our Local Community
  • Growing in our Faith
  • Building Servant Leaders
  • Building Community with One Another

By participating in this program, students will:

  • Understand contemporary and historical issues that affect Duquesne's key communities;
  • Learn about how Duquesne University faculty, staff, and students reciprocally partner with communities and service agencies to address challenges and opportunities with the goal of building a more just and verdant world;
  • Begin to develop the skill set necessary to constructively engage with diverse stakeholders in order to collaboratively achieve realistic resolutions to community problems;
  • Assess their leadership style and craft a plan to recognize themselves as future change agents within their communities and the world;
  • Nurture the fullest expression of the Gospel call to justice in a way that goes beyond charity or single charitable actions using the see, judge, act model to promote a holistic and systematic approach to peace and justice in our world

If you would like to be considered for next summer's program (June 4 - June 8, 2022), please feel free to apply.  Applications are now available.