Important Dates

Duquesne offers a number of other targeted transition programs to help your student's college career get off to a good start:

July 14 - July 17, 2020 : Freshman Advisement Summer Transition (FAST) 

The FAST program is designed to help your student transition to life as a new student at Duquesne University! It provides a great introduction to campus life and the student services that will be available to your student.

This program is not mandatory but all new students, particularly those in the Pittsburgh area, are encouraged to come. Please attend one of the two days offered for your prospective school from July 14th - 17th, 2020. If you have any questions about the FAST program, please call 412.396.6657 or visit the FAST website.

August 13, 2020: International Student Orientation

August 17, 2020: Commuter Pre-Orientation

August 16-17, 2020: Office of Diversity and Inclusion Pre-Orientation

October 23 - October 25, 2020: Family Weekend