Burgh Bucks

What are Burgh Bucks?

Burgh Bucks, named after Pittsburgh's nickname of "The 'Burgh," are a collection of paper bills that reflect denominations of $10, $20, $50, $100, $200, and $500. Although these Bucks are not worth any U.S. cash value, during the week of Orientation they can be collected and used to spend on items at the annual Burgh Buck Auction at the end of the week.

How do I collect Burgh Bucks?

Throughout the week of Orientation, new students will get a million and one chances to collect and earn Burgh Bucks from Team Leaders, Chairs, and University Staff. Students can earn Burgh Bucks just by attending team meetings and events, however going above and beyond to get involved in Orientation's fun activities will score you major Burgh Bucks as well. Plain and simple, everywhere you go during the week of Orientation, Burgh Bucks are available! Rumor has it, even Vice President of Student Life, Dr. Douglas Frizzell, hands out big bills to anyone who can recite the Duquesne University mission statement to him from memory!

I can barely handle the amount of Burgh Bucks I have! How do I manage the amount after collecting so many?

Every day during Orientation, there are places and times where you can go to have Team Leaders count your Burgh Bucks for you. After what you give them has been counted, they'll exchange your pile of Burgh Bucks for a voucher that equals the amount they've counted for you. This way, you'll be carrying around one piece of paper instead of fifty pieces of paper, and they both equal the same amount!
There are major perks to getting your Burgh Bucks counted throughout the week, too! Each day leading up to the Burgh Buck Auction, there will be a percentage of your amount added to your total for getting them counted early. The percentage lowers ever day that gets closer to the Auction, so get your Burgh Bucks counted ASAP!

Where can I spend my Burgh Bucks?

After spending a week racking up stacks of Burgh Bucks, your one chance to spend them is a the Burgh Buck Auction, taking place on the Sunday before classes. You can choose to visit our Burgh Buck Store, fully equipped with University apparel, gift cards, and other awesome prizes, but if you want to raise the stakes, participate in our Live Stage Auction. In it, you'll find gift cards, museum passes, Pittsburgh sports memorabilia, awesome electronics, and even a top of the line gaming systems! You won't wanna miss this amazing event!

Do I really have a chance at winning these prizes?

Yes! Between the Store and the Live Stage Auction, there are plenty of opportunities to leave with something awesome! Whether using your own Burgh Bucks from the week or pooling together with your new friends or your Residence Hall floor, you're sure to have the time of your life at our Auction!