Student Advice

We understand that beginning at a new school is a huge adjustment. To make you more comfortable, the Orientation Chairs and Directors have put together some pieces of advice which all new students should be aware of here at Duquesne.

1. Get Involved During Orientation!

You'll get out of Orientation what you put into it, so attend all the activities you can. If you like it, you can even apply to be on our staff for next year's program!

2. Be Yourself!

Be true to what makes up you as an individual and don't be afraid to stand out! Have fun and let everyone get to know the unique person you are.

3. Explore Pittsburgh!

Duquesne is located in the heart of an amazing city that has so much to offer and is constantly getting better and better! Wherever you choose to go, South Side, Shady Side, or the Strip, get off campus and take in your surroundings.

4. Be Organized!

Use your student planner to keep track of everything that you might have going on. Plan ahead! Prioritizing will make it easier for you to accomplish everything rather than waiting until the last minute.

5. Get involved with on-campus organizations!

Contribute to the group. Meet people, and get the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience as you can. Duquesne has A LOT to offer. Take advantage of every opportunity that crosses your path. Remember, you have to seize each experience!

6. Find a nice balance between school work and having fun!

Although doing well is extremely important, it doesn't have to be just studying and school work. You are bound to meet some really great people here and make friendships that will last a lifetime. Create memories with these new friends that you will remember for years to come! Also, finding time to relax and do something for yourself will help relieve stress, especially during finals!

7. Get to know your professors!

Believe it or not, professors want to see you succeed in their classes! Don't hesitate to talk to your professors after class, during office hours or through e-mail. They are always more than willing to help you in any way they can!

8. Use the Library!

Is your floor to loud? Can't concentrate with the distractions of your roommate or your TV? The library is the perfect answer! There are many individual study rooms as well as quiet lounge areas where you can get your work done. There are also laptops that any student can sign out. There are also a ton of other places on campus that you can find to get all your work done. Find what works for you!

9. Be careful with plastic!

You need to carry your DU card everywhere, for your meals and to get into the residence halls. You can also attach it to your bank account, but be careful not to burn through your money too quickly.