Commonly Asked Questions

How do I know if I have anything on my University Conduct Record?

If you ever participated in a conduct conference/meeting with a Conduct Officer, you would have been first given a letter listing possible policy violations. Three possible outcomes include: 1) you being found not responsible, or 2) you would have accepted a Letter of Responsibility and been provided a copy, or 3) you would have participated in a Conduct Panel Hearing and been given an outcome letter. If you were found not responsible, there would be no record to report. If you accepted responsibility or were found responsible, this would be listed on your conduct history.

Does my conduct history show up on my academic transcript?

No, it would not. It is housed separately with the Office of Student Conduct.

I think I was given a warning by my Resident Director. Would this by on my conduct record?

If you were charged with a possible conduct violation and were found not responsible, then no.

If you either accepted responsibility or were found responsible by a conduct panel, and given a warning as a sanction, then yes, it is on your conduct record.

What if I'm unsure or don't remember my conduct history?

You can request your conduct history by emailing the Director of Student Conduct.

I met with my Resident Director rather than the Director of Student Conduct, so can I just contact my RD about my conduct record?

No, you are encouraged to contact the Director of Student Conduct who oversees the conduct records of incidents from both on and off campus, as well as academic integrity incidents.

I was once taken to the Emergency Room due to alcohol or other-drug use. Do I need to report this incident?

Duquesne utilizes an amnesty policy for when a student is taken to the ER due to alcohol or other-drug use. You would have met with a Conduct Officer and been assigned to meet with the Alcohol and Other Drug Counselor on campus. If you completed this assignment, the incident is not recorded on your conduct history. Please be aware that if you had any subsequent alcohol or other drug incidents, the original amnesty incident would then be included retroactively on your conduct record. If you are not sure of the circumstances regarding your incident, feel free to contact the Director of Student Conduct for clarification.

I was once documented for "being in the presence of alcohol" rather than actually drinking. Would this be on my conduct record?

If you accepted responsibility or were found responsible for being in the presence of alcohol, yes, it would be listed.

Is this conduct record kept forever?

No. Records pertaining to conduct incidents are deleted after seven years, unless they involve Hazing, Title IX, Suspension or Expulsion. Those records are kept indefinitely.

Some professional school applications ask if you have ever had an "incident." In these circumstances, Pre-Health Program staff recommend that you would be expected to report the incident even if it is not part of your student conduct record.

Please contact Annie Mullarkey Sawa, Director of Student Conduct, with any questions or for further information.