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Faculty and Staff

Welcome to the Faculty and Staff section of the Student Conduct website.

Opportunities to Serve

Looking for opportunities to give back to the Duquesne community? Our office provides the unique opportunity for faculty and staff to give back through participation on the University Conduct Board. Please click here for more information on the University Conduct Board.

Place a Charge

A Student Conduct charge can be placed against a student who has violated a university policy found in the Code. Each violation is specifically outlined in details of what constitutes a violation. To read the Duquesne Student code, please click here. To place a charge, please click here.

If a Crime Has Been Committed

If you believe a crime has been committed against you or someone in the Duquesne Community, please contact Duquesne Public Safety immediately at (412) 396-COPS (2667) or access the Public Safety website.

If you have read the above information and are still not sure if your potential charge should be handled by the Office of Student Conduct, please call us at (412) 396-6642.