Supporting Students through Act 101

The Pennsylvania Higher Education Equal Opportunity Act (1971) funds comprehensive support services for eligible Pennsylvania students throughout their undergraduate years.

Duquesne University, through the work of the Learning Skills Center, partners with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to promote the academic and social development of Act 101 eligible students.

The mission of the Act 101 Program is to provide opportunities for college enrollment and success for students who are economically, educationally, or socially disadvantaged as defined by guidelines established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Act 101 program student group served is derived from two populations at the university: the GSD and the university at large.

Students who are not identified through the Spiritan Division are identified in the population at large using state guidelines & requirements. The Commonwealth requires that participating institutions offer services to all students who meet the economic, academic and social guidelines.

Services are provided by:
  • Learning coaches

  • Tutors

  • Counselors

Act 101 at Duquesne University is known as PA Acts.

For more information contact

Reggie Bridges
Academic Student Supervisor