College Success Courses

The Learning Skills Center provides three courses, one credit each, that teach the essential skills necessary for students to become successful in college. If you're enrolling as an undergraduate at Duquesne for the first time, talk to your academic advisor about registering for these courses.

College Success Courses Pamphlet

Introduction to University Success

The course is intended to provide students with information and experiences to help them adjust to college, as well as to nurture within them the necessary motivation and provide encouragement to succeed at their studies.

Strategies for Academic Success

The course imparts information and teaches various approaches designed to improve students' productivity and understanding. It does this through a focus on the development of learning skills.

For more information about these courses, contact your Academic Advisor.

Pathways to Success

New students entering Duquesne University with freshman status who earn a grade point average below 2.00 for their first semester will be required to enroll in Pathways to Success (1 credit) their second semester. There are many reasons why a student earns poor grades. These include not making connections on campus; being unsure about a major or starting an inappropriate course of study; missing home and family; poor time management and study skills; and other issues with adjusting to college. These issues and more are addressed in the course.

Seminar for Professional Development

The course is offered for upper-class students whose quality point averages are below 2.00

The Center also provides two College Success courses designed specifically to benefit international students. Students from foreign nations often face unique adjustments and challenges that students from the United States do not. These courses are offered to students on either a zero or one-credit basis.

Academic Strategies for International Students

The course is designed to help international students understand how a U.S. university works. Course content includes goal setting, instructors' expectations, time management, library research, academic planning, creative thinking, note taking, and test taking strategies.

Seminar for New International Students

The course is designed to help new undergraduate and graduate international students adjust to the social and academic aspects of Duquesne University.