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P.A.C.T. Program

What is P.A.C.T.?

Program for Academic Coaching Through Tutoring (PACT), Duquesne University's first service learning program, was established in 1989 by the Michael P. Weber Learning Skills Center. Initially organized to provide afterschool and Saturday morning tutoring to children residing in the Hill District, PACT expanded throughout the city of Pittsburgh and surrounding communities in 1997 when an infusion of federal funds allowed the inclusion of in-school and afterschool tutoring.

Since its inception, Duquesne University students have served as PACT tutors and are noted for their sincere commitment to the children who come to them for learning support. Duquesne students tutor for credit, as volunteers and as college work-study recipients. All acquire service learning experience by sharing their training, skills and expertise with the clients of an existing community-based organization.

Where Can I Serve?

Trained Duquesne University students serve in the three divisions of the PACT:

Saturday PACT is the centerpiece of the PACT service learning initiative. It has served Pittsburgh area elementary, middle and high school students and their families for the past 25 years.  Participants are identified by their school principals to receive tutorial assistance on campus in reading, math, English composition, social studies and the sciences. Since its inception, more than 700 students have been served.

Reggie Bridges, M.B.A., J.D.Evening PACT is the division of PACT that serves Pittsburgh area elementary, middle and high school students on and off the Duquesne University campus weekdays afterschool between the hours of 4pm and 8pm.  Tutors provide assistance in reading, math, English composition, social studies, and the sciences.  Since its inception in 1990, more than 500 students have been served.

Uhuru Hotep, Ph.D.

Sr. Thea Bowman PACT coordinates an annual spring semester campus tour for 8th grade students enrolled at Sr. Thea Bowman Catholic Academy.   Following a luncheon hosted by the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Thea Bowman students spend an afternoon on the Duquesne campus touring the facilities, meeting with student leaders and faculty, and exploring various schools, majors and careers.   

Sr. Thea Bowman PACT also coordinates an annual Career Day held at Sr. Thea Bowman Catholic Academy.  Pittsburgh area professionals and Duquesne University students, faculty and staff participate in a half-day program. Since its inception in 1992 at Holy Rosary Elementary School, more than 700 students have been served.


"PACT has been a very good experience for me."
-Jordan Bullard, Tutee

"PACT has influenced me to further my education: it's
either college or cosmetology school."
-Lexie Jones, Tutee

"My favorite part of tutoring is getting my work doneand learning new things." 
-Chanice Curges, Tuteee

"PACT tutoring is more than just a job ... tutors serve
as role models and are important people in the lives
of the kids."
-Heather Smith,Tutor

"Being a role model and an inspiration for my students
has been the most exhilarating experience."
-Tanya Lehman, Tutor

"I am proud to be a part of PACT and to be involved in
these children's lives and education."
-Julie Carnahan, Tutor

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