UPass FAQs

What is UPass?

UPass is a Duquesne University exclusive discount program for students, faculty and staff. Although Pittsburgh Regional Transit (formerly known as Port Authority) has a number of payment choices, UPass provides our Duquesne community with its very own option for a discount on a single ride (no transfers/time).

How soon can I sign up?

Enrollment will open on July 25, 2022 and remain open throughout the academic year. The monthly pass will be loaded into your ticket wallet prior to the start of the program on August 15, 2022. If you enroll after August 15, your pass will be uploaded within three to five business days.

When will I receive my monthly pass? 

Your monthly pass will appear in the Ticket Wallet of the "Ready2Ride" app. Please allow three to five business days for processing and enrollment verification before it appears. Once enrolled, subsequent monthly passes will be pushed to your account prior to the first of the month.

What are the differences in payment options? 

Upon enrolling, students will have two options for payment: "Student Account" or "Bill Me." Student account charges are automatically posted to your student account. The "Bill Me" option will require you to pay for your charges through the University's online payment system, Transact.

Faculty and staff will see their payment options when signing up for UPass.

When will I be billed? 

You will be billed for your monthly usage by the end of the following month.

How will I receive my monthly bill?

You will receive your monthly Pittsburgh Regional Transit usage charge via email.

For students, if you opted for the UPass student account, your charge will automatically be applied to your student account. If you selected the "bill me" option, you will receive an email that will have a link with further instructions to pay that bill.

For faculty and staff, you may choose to be billed automatically through your UPass account or through payroll deduction when setting up your UPass account.

What if I want to change my payment method?  

Please send an email to upass@duq.edu requesting a change to the desired method.

Is there a time restriction between rides? 

There is a five minute restriction between each scan used to ride on the Pittsburgh Regional Transit systems.

Can I use my barcode to pay for someone else? 

Unfortunately no, each rider will need their own UPass account. 

What if I don't ride the bus for a month or more? 

If you do not ride the bus using your UPass account, then you will not be charged. 

How often do I need to apply? 

You will need to complete the Enrollment and Payment Authorization form towards the end of July for the following school year.