Dougherty Ballroom

Conference and Event Services

Operating under the Advancement Division, Conference and Event Services executes thousands of events and meetings annually for the campus and community partners.


In accordance with the University's Mission, Conference & Event Services executes official university functions, provides professional event solutions, and maintains event spaces for university constituents, alumni, friends and affiliates. Exceeding customer expectations is at the heart of all of our services, which include:

  • Creating, coordinating and/or supporting a variety of events for internal and external audiences, including social and academic University functions of varying scale, as well as wedding receptions, conferences and overnight housing for alumni and university affiliates. 

  • Ensuring efficient service, scheduling and maintenance for a variety of campus event spaces.

  • Supporting student development by fostering leadership in a student staff who play a significant role in the operations of the Student Union.

  • Maintaining operations for a vibrant Student Union, a central campus resource.


We are passionate about infusing values into ALL of our daily interactions:

Service - We are accessible, helpful, flexible and dedicated to providing consistent service. We believe keen listening, judgment and decision making lead to quality experiences.

Teamwork - We strive to understand & respect everyone's role, strengths and perspective, and exemplify a willingness to support and communicate effectively and productively.

Integrity - We take pride in being held accountable to the highest level of service and dependability to the clients, colleagues and students with whom we work.

Growth & Development - We remain open to learning as we anticipate, identify and adapt to the changing needs of our community and clients.