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Building Partnerships on Campus and in the Community

By developing a partnership with the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations at Duquesne, outreach to corporations and foundations can be carried out in a strategic and unified manner.

Our team works closely with faculty, staff, the Office of Research, and University leadership to identify viable funding sources, develop and submit grant proposals, and steward awarded gifts.

In order to ensure an intentional approach to funders, outreach to corporations or foundations should occur in tandem with consultation from the CFR office. Even if you have an existing relationship, we encourage you to engage with us so we can leverage these connections to maximize impact. By following the following steps, we can ensure a consistent approach to prospective funders. 

1.) Establish your concept
By taking time to answer some of the following questions, the CFR team will be better equipped to find funders that align with your goals.

  • What is the purpose of your project/research?
  • Who will benefit from the project? 
  • What makes the project unique/important?
  • What steps will be taken to achieve success?
  • How does your project align with the goals of the department, college, and/or University?

2.) Funder Research
Once you connect with our team, we will utilize our funder databases and resources to identify organizations that are the best fit for your project. As needed, our staff will reach out to funders to gather more information regarding their application processes.

3.) Proposal and Budget Development
You provide specific project information and budget and a CFR team member will provide assistance with formatting and editing within the parameters outlined by the proposed funder.

4.) Funding Submission
Funding proposals will be submitted by the CFR office to ensure consistency and unified efforts. The CFR team will maintain consistent communication regarding updates to your request.

5.) Stewardship
If your request is funded, our team will work with you to make sure all deliverables are accomplished in accordance with your funder. 

Submit an online inquiry, or email our staff to start a conversation on how we can work together to achieve your goals.