Featured Partnership: PITT OHIO & Cassie Lapcevich

Cassie Lapcevich didn't plan on attending Duquesne, but her father was completing a certificate in supply chain management and encouraged her to consider it as a career path. Knowing that Duquesne's Palumbo-Donahue School of Business houses a top-rated program, he encouraged her to apply. She's now a senior at Duquesne majoring in supply chain management with a minor in marketing. 

Innovative programming to develop your talent pipeline. 
Cassie played an integral role at Duquesne's annual Supply Chain Connection event on Oct. 19. The event connects Duquesne supply chain management students with companies to expose students to different careers and connect companies with potential employees. This year's event hosted more than 70 companies and matched them with students in a "speed-dating" format.

Cassie participated not as a student, but as a representative of PITT OHIO, where she first served as an intern and now works as a part-time employee. Chuck Hammel, vice president of supply chain at PITT OHIO, says, "PITT OHIO has long supported Duquesne University, and we have a great deal of respect for the supply chain curriculum because of the quality of education and people who have emerged from it."

Our students contribute to your success. 
Each spring, PITT OHIO's interns are presented with a challenging business problem unique to the company. The interns collaborate on a solution and present to department managers, directors, vice presidents and company executives-all while balancing their time with the needs of their respective departments. Cassie immediately established herself as a group leader.

"Our team is passionate about collectively solving problems without boundaries by delivering unique supply chain solutions. We are an open-minded group that thrives on collaboration, and Cassie's personality and skillset has fit in very well with our culture. She is a driven young woman that was anxious to put her classwork into action, and her peers have taken notice. Regardless of tenure, they have come to really appreciate her genuine passion to solve problems and contribute to the team, regardless of what she is asked to do," says Hammel.  "We admire the program Duquesne University has built and are proud to call the university a partner."

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