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When your organization partners with Duquesne, our students know you are committed to the next generation of civic-minded leaders. The influence of corporate philanthropy extends beyond our students' on-campus experience and into their lives as they pursue advanced degrees or enter the workforce. 

Enhancing Access to Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

In 2020, the PPG Foundation generously sponsored participation of several Duquesne students in its Undergraduate Research Symposium. In this annual program, student researchers, science faculty, and area professionals interact and share undergraduate research. While the symposium takes place on one day, the months of work leading up to the event creates a lasting, meaningful impact for Duquesne students. 

Jessica Ghobrial

Jessica Ghobrial
Major: Biology
Expected graduation year: 2021
Hometown: Wheeling, WV

"I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the Undergraduate Research Program, but this year especially. With lots of cancelled and changed plans, the past summer gave me chance to not only continue learning academically, but to also learn new skills. Doing research online, I needed to manage my time and tasks in a new way. Working with Duquesne faculty has set an example for me on how to work as a professional in my future career.

Duquesne has never failed to provide me the resources to grow and meet my goals. I believe supporting Duquesne student programs is a great investment for our community. While I am unsure of where I'll be working in the future, the relationships and networks I have gained has built for me a lasting tie to Duquesne and the Pittsburgh community that I am excited to give back to."

Taylor Teitelbaum

Taylor Teitelbaum
Major: Chemistry
Expected graduation year: 2022

"Not only did I learn valuable information while performing research on my own project, but I learned a lot of information through the presentations given by my peers on a wide variety of subjects. Most importantly, I gained the knowledge and courage to present my research, which is a skill I will keep with me forever.

My research mentor was always there for me when I had a question and/or needed advice on the presentation of my research to which I will always be grateful for. It is because of the faculty's attention to its students that I was able to flourish in the program and truly grow as an individual.

I would like to deeply thank PPG for sponsoring such a wonderful experience. It is because of PPG that I learned a wide variety of skills and knowledge that I will take with me into graduate school one day."

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