Students benefit from Duquesne's proximity to downtown Pittsburgh

Corporate support helps us prepare the next generation of career-ready employees and differencemakers. 

Create a Bright Future

Through partnerships with companies like yours, we create a city where our graduates — and your employees — want to remain long-term. Supporting Duquesne's programming, academics and capital projects is a wise choice for your corporation and a smart investment in our region. We produce research advances, foster technology development, and offer vital services that grow our economy, empower our students and neighbors, and better our communities.

Learn more about the University's giving priorities to discover where the University's strengths align with your corporate needs. Or, call 412.396.2631 to arrange a consultation with our Corporate Relations staff.

There are many ways we can partner.


We strive to make the Duquesne experience accessible, awarding more than $100 million in need-based and merit-based financial aid each year. When you fund scholarships, your organization's brand isn't just seen by our student body, their families and friends: it is experienced.

This immersive brand experience provides scholarship recipients and the entire campus community with a full picture of your corporation's work, priorities and spirit, creating brand loyalty and a comprehensive view of your company culture.

These are gifts with impact: they transform your bottom line and the lives of our students. Duquesne produces the top talent needed to grow your company and enhance our region, and your support ensures that we can continue this impactful work.

Naming Opportunities

Build brand awareness, establish your company's legacy and experience tax benefits by taking advantage of a naming opportunity. Align with Duquesne and share our reputation for excellence as we commemorate your work ethic and achievements. Display your company's philanthropic spirit as you help us train your next generation of employees.

Choose from scholarships, buildings, professorships, programs and countless other opportunities, and make your brand, priorities and dedication known at Duquesne for years to come.


Sponsorships ranging from academic conferences to athletic and cultural events allow you to establish a brand presence at Duquesne while supporting our diverse campus community. The countless opportunities available enable corporate partners to strategize and customize their support based on audience demographics and areas of interest.

These mutually beneficial partnerships create marketing opportunities customized for your target audience, provide client entertainment options and enhance campus life and learning for the students who may just become your future employees or clients.

Matching Gifts

Set yourself apart in a competitive job market where employees are placing a greater focus on their employers' community impact than ever before. When you match your employees' charitable contributions, you demonstrate a philanthropic spirit and increase employee satisfaction, engagement, retention and recruitment.

Check with your company's foundation or corporate giving division to determine if they match gifts and the process required to distribute the matching gift, or search our online database. If your company does not currently match donations, encourage them to start!


What may be excess inventory to you could be just what our students need to solve a complex problem or further classroom learning. In-kind contributors advance higher education by providing the equipment, software and other goods and services our students need to study, conduct research and complement classroom learning.

When you put your company's product in the hands of Duquesne faculty and students, you're providing the tools for discovery and the materials to satisfy potential. Your company can also benefit from tax advantages, as the fair market value of an in-kind donation is generally tax-deductible.