Palumbo-Donahue School of Business Professors
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Palumbo-Donahue School of Business

ACTIVE LEARNING CLASSROOMS: Packed classrooms with fixed tables and chairs are relics of the past. Our future classrooms must be open, modular, flexible, and support a variety of instructional methods and technology.

NEW INVESTMENT INSTITUTE: The Investment Center offers a foundation for building a truly distinctive asset. We envision converting the Center to an Investment Strategy Institute with expanded space for additional terminals and a conference room for presentations. The Institute would expand its portfolio, supporting new student-run funds (e.g., making unique pre-seed or angel investments), increased public equity funds, and faculty research.

NEW CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE: We seek four to five new Centers to help build our programs, faculty, and reputation. Opportunities exist for new Centers in Entrepreneurial Leadership, Business Ethics Research, Professional Sales Education, Supply Chain Management, and Corporate Sustainability. These Centers offer excellent platforms for cross-disciplinary work across our Departments and Schools.

STUDENT COLLABORATION SPACES: Improved high technology education spaces will enhance student collaboration, support project work, promote group meetings, stage presentations, and offer video conferencing for both our undergraduate and graduate programs. We envision upgrading and expanding existing student spaces with the latest technology (e.g., smart boards, flat screens) to foster greater collaboration.

NEW FEATURED ENTRANCES: Improving key entrances to Rockwell (i.e., the sixth floor skyway, Forbes Avenue, and Boyd Street) will complement our ambitions and create a signature look. Wider hallways, raised ceilings, gathering spaces (for study and socializing), and glassed-in facades with new doors and lighting will promote interaction and provide attractive, welcoming entrances for everyone.

INCREASE RESEARCH SUPPORT: Additional internal support will allow faculty to conduct more significant research. Certain types of inquiry require specialized data and software (e.g., database subscriptions, software to manage experiments and analyze data). Likewise, current summer grants will be boosted to generate more research and help develop faculty research and methodology skills.

GROW OUR FACULTY: We need new faculty positions to maintain our existing strengths and to seize new opportunities. This includes both Ph.D.s as well as lecturers and executives-in-residence who can offer students transformational experiences.

IMPROVE OPPORTUNITIES: New named and chaired professorships are essential for attracting great faculty and raising our academic reputation. Moreover, to retain our best existing faculty, named fellowships are an excellent mechanism for helping them develop and become full professors. Finally, having world-class spaces for research conferences and executive education will help us attract and retain top faculty in an increasingly competitive market.

ENCOURAGE PARTNERSHIPS: Creating collaborative programs with other academic units is facilitated by offering joint-appointments. These require additional resources and are an attractive prospective for faculty operating at the intersection of disciplines.